Alice's Mountain Market has been an evolution which started in 1983 with the opening of Tahoe Community Market, a natural food store.  Actually, Tahoe Community Market evolved out of a buying club that formed after We the People Food CO OP burned down.  I could keep going back, but let's start here.  

Mark and Melinda Calhoun formed a limited partnership with many of the Co op/Buying Club members in order to finance the first store.  It was truly a community endeavor.  Life continued on and in 1988, Mark remarried and Joy Waite and their daughters Ayla and Sunnee have been immersed in the business...which is now family owned.  

Tahoe Community Market was located in Tahoe Park in a TINY cottage.  Over the years, we had locations in Tahoe City, Truckee, King's Beach, and Olympic Valley.  We sold our Tahoe City and Truckee locations to Billy Griffin who created New Moon Natural Foods.  The sale of these stores allowed us to pursue a new vision to create a low impact, sustainability project in the foothills outside Grass Valley.

When the Village was built in Squaw Valley, we were dividing our time between Tahoe and Grass Valley.  We moved the store to the Village and re named it Alice's Mountain Market with Mark's sister Alice Calhoun as Manager.  As a family, we are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle centered on Organic and homegrown foods, natural healing, community activism, and love and care of the planet.  

We are very pleased that our daughter Sunnee has brought her creativity into the Store and is bringing us into the 21st Century.  Stay tuned for what’s to come!